Youth Golfer Spotlight


Each month we highlight a TLC Youth Golfer who is showing great strides in his or her game...

May 2017

Nicky Casino



Name: Nicky Casino

Age: 9

Grade: 2nd

How long playing golf?  2 years on and off but seriously this Spring!

Favorite Kind of Shot: Drive

Favorite Club: Driver

Best golf memory so far:  Driving a golf ball almost into the hole on my birthday.

Other family members who play golf:  My brother Mikey

Favorite subject in school:  Art

Best thing about The Landings Club:  They have golf shops with cool stuff to buy.

Favorite Hobbies/Activities and Sports:  Golf, Baseball, Drawing, Crafts

Person she would like to meet one day:  Walt Disney

Best Advice for Golf/Life:  Hold the club with the Hot Dog and Bun Grip, bring the club back to the top of the swing and then GO!

Future job/career aspirations:  Artist





Congratulations - The TLG Golf Staff is very proud of you!