Youth Golfer Spotlight

Each month we highlight a TLC Youth Golfer who is showing great strides in his or her game...

January 2019: Owen Haas


Name: Owen Haas

Age: 13

Grade: 8th

How long have you been playing golf? 3 years

Favorite Club: Gap Wedge

Favorite Course inside The Landings Club: Plantation Course

Favorite Course outside of The Landings Club: Savannah Golf Club 

Longest Putt you ever made: 38 feet

What clubs/bag/ball/golf equipment do you play: Cobra and Cleveland

Favorite Role Model/s: My cousin Charlie

Who would be your dream team to play golf with (which 3 Tour players/actors/people would you like to put in your foursome to play golf with you)? My uncle Bill Haas, Bryson DeChambeau, Ricky Fowler 

Best Golf Memory: First time I broke 50 on 9 holes 

Favorite Hobbies & Sports? Golf, Fishing, Boy Scouts, Meteorology

Best advice for golf and/or life: “Enjoy the walk”

What kind of job do you think you’d like to do as an adult? Meteorologist 



Congratulations - The TLG Golf Staff is very proud of you!