Youth Golfer Spotlight


Each month we highlight a TLC Youth Golfer who is showing great strides in his or her game...

August 2017: Eli Cossio


Name: 8

Age:  Eli Cossio

Grade: 2nd

How long playing golf? About a year, but I have been hitting balls with my dad since I was 4.

Favorite Club: Driver

Favorite Tour Player: Ricky Fowler

Favorite TLC Course:  OakRidge

Favorite Non-TLC Course: Georgia Club

Longest Putt made-to-date:  About 20 ft.

Clubs / Equipment Names:  Ricky Fowler / Cobra Junior

Favorite Role Model:  Bobby Jones, Esq.

Best golf memory so far:  Making a ‘2’ (birdie) at Oakridge on a par 3 during a Jr. Tournament

Favorite Hobbies/Activities and Sports: Swim team, baseball, cub scouts, sailing

Dream Foursome: Me, My dad, My papi (grandpa) / or / Ricky Fowler, and Bobby Jones

Career Aspirations: Olympian, President, Inventor and Research Doctor

Best Advice for Golf/Life: “HAVE FUN”



Congratulations - The TLG Golf Staff is very proud of you!