Local Landings Club Golf Knowledge

Quiz #3



Use this quiz if you are having trouble with the interactive quizzes on The Landings Club Quiz Page.  Print out and circle each question or write down each answer and then check the last page for the correct answers.  No peeking!


1. The 90 degree cart rule means:


[A] Golfers can use carts when it's 90 degrees in temperature

[B] Golfers must drive a 90 degree angle from the cart path to the ball in the

rough/fairway and then return to the cart path unless another golf ball is in play close by.

[C] None of the above


2. Golfers in the tee time system and having an established handicap should always post scores (or make a note of other forms of play or issues in the non-postable handicap book in the golf shop) after each round.


[A] True

[B] False


3. Golf tournament, event and golf instruction program information is listed on:


[A] The Club's website under the Golf section

[B] Information televisions throughout the Club

[C] Weekly Club News via email

[D] Club Line

[E] Golf Shop Flier Binder

[F] All of the above


4. Push carts are available at all golf shops for use (if in golf cart program) or for rental.

[A] True

[B] False


5. The club does not have rental clubs at each golf shop for members and guests.


[A] True

[B] False


6. If a golfer has a hole-in-one or an eagle, he or she should let the golf shop staff know about this great accomplishment after completing the round.


[A] True

[B] False


7. During 'Mats Only' periods on the driving ranges due to conditions, golfers may still go onto the range grass by a few feet and hit drivers.

[A] True

[B] False



8. The Golf Staff will be out on the ranges and putting greens at periods throughout the day conducting walk-by's and are available to chat with in the golf shop anytime if a golfer has a golf game or skill question.


[A] True

[B] False


9. All putting greens at the practice facilities can be used for chipping.


[A] True, all the times.

[B] False, check for signage or at the golf shop.


10. It's good etiquette to retrieve your golf balls after use on the short game greens for the next person and to keep with golf culture in leaving the course better than you found it.


[A] True

[B] False


...........................................ANSWERS BELOW........................................















1. B               Golfers must drive a 90 degree angle from the cart path to the ball...

2. A               True

3. F               All of the above

4. A               True

5. B               False

6. A               True

7. B               False

8. A               True

9. B               False, check with the golf shop staff or signage

10. A              True