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Our TLC PGA Junior League Team is headed into its 6th season in 2018.  New casual tournament experience, new friends and golf at the next level were experienced by nearly 30 members on the 2017 PGA Junior League Teams... thank you and congratulations to participants for many super shots, putts and smiles during their rounds! 

PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JG) is designed to better socialize the game for boys and girls, ages 7-13. PGA JG features team vs. team competitions in structured leagues that provide a popular, less stressful scramble format as opposed to stroke-play competition. This is a great way to get kids involved in the game!
  League Golf, LLC is the operating company of PGA JG. The company was created in 2011 with a mission to create and operate grassroots, recreational team and league programs for golfers of all ages. The objective is to deliver a portfolio of offerings that grow the game of golf through regularly scheduled participation with teams.


Parent Information from PGA Junior League Website

PGA JLG is a great way to get the entire family involved in golf, with parents as spectators, team-mothers, and even coaches.

Fun, Not Stressful
In PGA JLG the focus is to have fun playing golf with your friends. PGA JLG teams want to win, but the stress often associated with individual medal play tournaments is eliminated by the low-pressure format and the camaraderie of playing on a team with your friends. Our goal is to foster an enjoyment of the game that will last a lifetime.  Parents and families of team players will be cheering the players on from the sidelines / cart paths while players will make their own club and shot decisions.  Positive verbal and non-verbal support is part of the team atmosphere!

Team, Not Individual
There is no individual scoring in PGA JLG. The two-player scramble format allows for all participants to feel connected with the team. Strong play is rewarded, while a poor shot does not lose the hole. Players of all skill levels are welcome and will contribute to the team’s success. Every player gets to play...in every competition!

Each team-vs-team competition in PGA JLG consists of four 9-hole matches. Each 9-hole match is broken down into three 3-hole segments that we call “Flags”. Actual “Flag” stickers are awarded to participants upon capturing a 3-hole point for their team. The stickers are collected by the players throughout the season, and proudly displayed on their PGA JLG bag-tags as a sign of accomplishment.

In PGA JLG matches, coaches have the opportunity to alternate players at the beginning of each new “Flag”. Each player is guaranteed to play at least one “Flag” in each competition. Alternates allow coaches to create pairs that maximize the team’s chance for success, while still preserving the most enjoyable overall experience for each player.

Uniforms with Numbers
One of PGA JLG's most popular innovations is our numbered team jerseys. Introduced as part of the uniform for the inaugural JLG World Series in 2011, numbered jerseys will be supplied to all players and teams in 2018 (one home jersey, one away jersey in both boys and girls sizing). Kids are accustomed to wearing numbered uniforms in other youth sports, so why not golf!!! This helps build a sense of identity for each participant on their PGA JLG team.

After the regular-season City Champions are crowned, All-Star Teams are formed to compete in the advancement phase of PGA JLG. Advancement will take place through Regional competitions which will produce Regional Champions. These Regional Champions will compete in the PGA JLG Championship.


Parental Commitments

Registration Fee
Participant fees to play on a PGA JLG team are determined by each individual Team Captain and may vary from team-to-team. The Captain has an annual team-fee he/she is responsible for recouping, and additional cost variables may include lessons, clinics or additional merchandise and equipment that individual facilities may provide in conjunction with PGA JLG. TLC PROCESS:  Parent initiallly registers child through the PGA Junior League portal for $75.  We then bill the remainder on the member's account at the end of the season.

Time Commitment-Season Length
The PGA JLG regular season is approximately 10 weeks long from May-June depending on your league’s location. Regular season play concludes no later than July.  Tentative plans at TLC... we'll being practices mid-April on Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm at PL and then move those practices in June to DC from 3-4pm once school is out.  There are 10 practices and 6 matches, plus a season-ending party and a pre-season team-meeting.

One 9-hole competition is held per week, most typically in the late afternoon on a Saturday. Each competition is approximately three hours long. All-Star teams will play Regional events on weekends during July and August. These may involve some travel and overnight stay.

Each team will host 2-3 competitions at their home course and play 2-3 away competitions at other courses in the league.

Skill Level
PGA JLG is an inclusive program that encourages all skill levels. We suggest that players achieve a minimum basic level of competence in at least one discipline; driving, chipping or putting, before joining a team. Our scramble format provides a comfort zone for the developing player. For the accomplished Junior who may already be competing in individual tournaments, PGA JLG offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a team setting and most importantly, play on a team with friends.

Parent Involvement
Similar to other youth recreational sports, PGA JLG encourages and relies on parental involvement. In addition to making sure participants get to matches and practices, parents can play an important role in the success of their team:

  • Team captain/assistant
  • Coach
  • Team-mother
  • Match monitor/scorer
  • Player recruitment




2019 Dates and Sites:


1. The Landings Club A -       

2. Savannah Country Club A         

3. Savannah Country Club B         

4. Savannah Golf Club 


Schedule 2019: TBA






Team Eligibility:  Landings Club Golf Members (Basic, Full or Youth Golf) ages 7-13.

Cost Varsity Travel Team:  $225   ($150 TLC / $75 to PGA online)

  • Team Jerseys (away and home in boys and girls sizing)
  • T-shirt
  • Access to new PGA Junior League webshop for ther merchandise
  • PGA JLG Bag Tags
  • 6 regular-season league competitions
  • Weekly Wednesday team practices with PGA Professionals
  • Opportunity for Post Season
  • Access to the PGA JLG Website

Cost JV Intermatch-at-Home Team:  $185

  • Team Jersey
  • T-shirt
  • 6 regular-season in-house Landings Club league competitions
  • Weekly Wednesday team practices with PGA Professionals
  • Possible subbing on Varsity travel team if spots need filling with loaner Varsity shirt for that day


Contact: Coach Joey Tipton at Deer Creek Golf Shop 912-598-2550