9-Hole Game-Changer Course Session



This upcoming, popular coaching session is designed for golfers who want to play better golf by learning ways to score lower without focusing on mechanics but on course strategy and resulting practice.  Play 9 holes under supervision of Nicole Weller with a special course scorecard that shows exactly what areas need to be addressed and how much practice needs is recommended in each area.  This is an actual blueprint for SUCCESS through past guest speaker Will Robin's proven coaching system and is a fun and eye-opening 9-hole session for 1, 2 or 3 golfers.



Btw, I really like the way to 'score' when I used it several times.  It certainly improved my course management strategy a lot.  Just have to make the putting drills into my routine and I'm better.  In fact, the very next day after our playing session, I shot 90.  I had not hit 90 in 3-6 months and generally after a lesson I'm lucky to even break 100!  Gentleman member recently retired and now attending to his game


Location: Deer Creek (unless course not available)

Cost: $265 if individual, $142.50 each 2 people, $102 each 3 people (best value!)

Open to: Golf members

Register: Schedule a private 2.5 hour session directly through Nicole (need to check on course availability) 912-695-5211.