Golf Fitness at The Landings Club




Golf fitness is considered an integral part of golf game development at The Landings Club.  Several golf professionals and fitness trainers carry various levels of TPI certification.

Live Range Experiences offers students a small group opportunity to improve swings to achieve shot accuracy and increased distance with immediate on-range training through golf and fitness.  Work with our special team of Landings Club TPI certified golf and fitness professionals to assess swing characteristics that can be improved with immediate hands-on stretches, movement education and the marriage of golf and fitness stability/movement on the range.

TPI Screenings offer a trainer or a golf professional the ability to decipher physical literacy (the body's ability to move or not move) and how that affects the golf motion, recognized or unrecognized.  Related golf drills from Titleist based on screens and progressive stretches and golf fitness programs can be custom built to help a serious golfer develop his or her game from the inside-out!


Spring 2019 MemberTestimonial:  Just wanted to thank you and Lenny for the program. As a seasonal member, I set a goal to get my index down to 10 from about 13. I made some progress on my own, but realized I needed something more, and decided to sign up for the TPI program. It was very helpful and gave me a roadmap to follow - both on and off the course. I left The Landings for the summer last week with my index below 10, and a personal all-time low score under my belt. Thanks again... It works!


November 13, 2019 Article from Golf Fitness Coordinator Justin Barr



TPI Live Range Dates & Times:  TBA

Location: Deer Creek back range 

Staff:  Justin Barr, Nicole Weller 

Class Size & Related Pricing for 2 Pros: 

4 students - $75 each, 3 students - $100 each, 2 students - $150 each , 1 student $240 (45 minutes)

Open to: All Landing Club members and their guests, Sales Guests

Register:  Contact Gina Hunt at Golf Ops (912-598-3551)


TPI Screenings:  Custom times created with Nicole, Vinny, Erik, Justin or Brenee based on interest

Location: Deer Creek back range with Nicole, Marshwood range with Vinny or Oakridge Wellness Center for Lenny or Brenee

Staff:  Justin Barr & Brenee Rockholt (TPI Golf Fitness Coordinator & Trainer), Nicole Weller, Erik Kutz or Vinny Diroff (TPI Golf Professionals) 

Pricing:  Contact the preferred trainer for TPI hourly rates.

Open to: All Landing Club members and their guests, Sales Guests

Register:  Contact Nicole Weller (912-695-5211), Vinny Diroff (912-598-2596), Erik Kutz (912-598-3572(, Justin Barr (   ) or Brenee Rockholt (   )