KIDS CLUB!  After-School Youth Golf Spring & Fall Programs 

Division Ages:    2-3     4-5     6-9    10-to-Teen




An engaging 10-week after-school program that teaches youngsters about the game of golf and allows for weekly practice through organized sessions.  Designed for beginning and intermediate golfing youth ages 2 to teen, the program involves both age-appropriate golf skill and golf fitness activities that are key in developing motor skills with athletic movement golf games and activities.  The program also includes on-course experience during various portions of the program.


The golf portion focuses on all aspects of the games with fun challenges in each area of putting, short game, swing, sportsmanship, etiquette, rules and knowledge and includes 10 golf sessions for ages 4+ of nutrition (snack), instruction, skills sessions and games and on-course time.


Ages 2-3 meet for a 5 or 10-session personally-scheduled series and learn about life through golf... manners, self-discovery, very basic golf concepts, exercise, cognitive/social/emotional learning concepts and more!  Custom-scheduled programs by Nicole Weller.


Each session also includes a Group Huddle that reviews a golf / life skill important to a youngster's development socially and athletically, as well as a healthy snack (if needed) with water.  Our goal is to instill good golf nutrition habits into our students.  Please let staff know about any food allergies during sign-up or feel free to bring allergy-free food for an individual.



Fall 2017 Dates*/Times/Locations:

*All new in 2017 Fall... youngsters can attend one class or one class and one play day during the season!

Ages 6-9: Tuesdays, 8/29-11/7 (Skip Halloween)... 4:30-5:30pm Deer Creek Back Range (opposite from clubhouse side)

Ages 4-5: Thursdays, 8/31-11/2... 4:30-5:30pm Deer Creek Back Range (opposite from clubhouse side)

Ages 6-9: Thursdays, 8/31-11/2... 4:30-5:30pm Deer Creek Back Range (opposite from clubhouse side)

Ages 10-Teen: Fridays, 9/1-11/10... 4:30-5:30pm Deer Creek Back Range (opposite from clubhouse side)

Saturday Play Day: Saturdays, 9/2, 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, skip 10/7, 10/14, skip 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18


Class Size ages 2-3: 5 students and each student must have an adult present and helping each child during class

Class Size ages 4-5: 5 students, 1 coach and one assistant coach parent during each session

Class Size ages 6-9: 10 students, 2 coaches and one assistant coach parent during each session

Class Size ages 10-to-Teen: 12 students, 2 coaches


Staff:  Nicole Weller & Landings Golf Professionals

Open to: All Landings Club Members and their guests.

Minimum Class Size:  4 students at the advertised price per age group


*One Class Day - $200 Ages 4-Teen  /  $100 Ages 2-3  (10 classes plus a make-up)

*One Class and One Play Day - $300 Ages 4-Teen

(Non-Golf Members may play in the 3 hole division with a parent or grandparent in attendance.  Any golf cart rental needs will be charged to the member's account for a 9 hole cart fee.  Non-Golf Members wanting to play in the 6 or 9 hole division if they like golf may upgrade to a Golf or Youth Golf Membership in order to participate in more golf value).


Assistant Parent/Grandparent Coaches:  The staff may need 1 parent to help with class safety, breaks, pictures and snack-time each week for ages 4-9.  This is incredibly helpful to allow staff to continue instruction during the session in case of restroom breaks, behavior assistance and positive coaching.  One adult per 2-3 year old golfer is required to be on-hand.  Thank you for your help!


Make-UpThere will be a weather make-up for an extra day after the regular series if a day has been lost to weather.


Class Policies: The class fee will not be charged upon cancelation if prior to the 3 day deadline before class begins. On the (first) day of the class, refunds will be available for emergency medical reasons only. Staffing will be assigned based on the number of sign-ups at the 3-day deadline. Refunds will not be available to participants who voluntarily leave the class, forget to attend, excused for disciplinary reasons or opt to withdraw from the class due to weather if the event is still being held and has not been rescheduled. Every efforts will be made to fill the spot with a wait-listed student, in which case the original class cost will be refunded to the participant who withdrew.


Register: Contact Tricia Cleary at 912-598-3551 or tricia.cleary@landingsclub.com