Scoring Schools and Wedge Classes





Scoring Schools 

Welcome to our Scoring Schools!  Train short game and putting fundamental techniques that can help lower your scores from 100 yards and in to the green. For novice golfers, instructors discuss basic putting, chipping and pitching technique with corresponding set-up fundamentals, distance control drills and an on-course scoring management experience (pending on course availability and as back-up, play situations around the short game green as the practice facility).  


For those more advanced students, instructors help explore techniques to help get down in 3 shots from inside 100 yards from the green and see the difference in lower scores using Essential Playing Skill fundamentals (balance, tempo, tension awareness and more), training feedback tools (tracks, mirrors and more) and progression drills to help those serious about practicing towards improvement. 


Students receive a manual and supervised practice with improvement suggestions.

Location: Deer Creek back range on Shellwind Drive unless otherwise noted

Staff:  Nicole Weller & Golf Staff

2018 Dates:  Friday 3/23 1:30-4:00 or Saturday 4/21 8:30-11:00

Class Size & Cost: Minimum 4-8 students at $90 each* 

*(if below 4 person minimum, adjusted to $155 each for 2-3 students or can adjust time and cost down further)

Open to:  All Landings Club membership levels and their guests, New Neighbors, New Members, Discovery Package sales guests and all membership levels.

Includes: Putting, chipping and pitching instruction, training manual and on-course application.

How to register: See bottom of page 

Class Policies: See bottom of page




Short Game Wedge Classes

Playing at a higher level means feeling good about having equipment that will help get you there. Spend 2 hours with our Landings Club Professional Staff on exploring if your wedges are correct for your game with relationship to bounce, lie angle, loft, design, weight and more.

Location: Oakridge

Staff:  Erik Kutz & Oakridge Golf Professional Staff

2018 Dates:  TBA

Class Size: 4-8 at advertised price

Open toAdvancing Golfer with Handicaps in Mid Teens and Lower... All Landings Club membership levels and their guests, New Neighbors, New Members, Discovery Package sales guests and all membership levels.

Cost: $75

Includes: Advanced shot making on various lies, launch monitor, wedge assessment and possible demos

How to register: Contact Erik Kutz at 912-598-3572

Class Policies: See bottom of page


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Register for Scoring School: Contact Golf Operations Staff Jason Peeples Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm for scheduling assistance (912-598-3551 or jason.peeples@landingsclub.com) or use Uschedule to schedule themselves (with current password or create a new username/password). 


Register for Wedge Fitting School: Contact Erik Kutz at Oakridge 598-3572.


Class Policies:  The Golf Instruction Staff will cancel the program within 3 days from the first day of that class if class size is less than minimum. Students will be offered the option to work with an instructor in a modified, shortened program format or at a different price. Personal cancelation notifications are required up to 3 days prior to the program (the staff appreciates the opportunity to fill the spot with a student from the wait list). In addition, class fees are billed to the member accounts on the day of the class or the last day of a class series. The class fee will not be charged upon cancelation if prior to the 3 day deadline before class begins. On the day of the class, refunds will be available for emergency medical reasons only. Refunds will not be available to participants who voluntarily leave the class, forget to attend or opt to withdraw from the class due to weather if the event is still being held and has not been rescheduled. Every efforts will be made to fill the spot with a wait-listed student, in which case the original class cost will be refunded to the participant who withdrew.