Private Instruction Rates, Packages and Policies



Taking Lessons

Taking a golf lesson is just one step to becoming better at golf and having more fun with the game.  Practice, expectations, equipment and experiencing a positive student-teacher atmosphere are other key aspects.  Landings Club members and their guests have a unique opportunity to work with a talented staff of Golf Professionals at the Club with various backgrounds and ideas - finding someone with whom you work well is part of a rewarding educational experience.  All of our golf professionals are either PGA or PGA Apprentices. Nicole Weller is mmebers of both the PGA and LPGA.


*Per Club policy, local guests sponsored by a member can take up to 6 golf lessons annually with one of our golf professional staff.


Students can take lessons ranging from 30-minutes to two hours pending on goals.  In the shorter session, a student will focus on one detail.  In the longer session, a student will focus on one to two skills and then actually practice those suggestions under supervision.  Sessions may also involve video feedback, launch monitor or other technology to allow a student to receive feedback to monitor progress.


• Please CLICK HERE to see contact information for all golf professionals.


Available to: All Landings members and their guests * (see above)


Special Lesson Package: Buy 5 Lessons upfront, get a 6th Lesson Free!

The series will be charged to the member’s account as a gift card from which each session will be deducted as each lesson is taken.  The 6th lesson is on us!


Extra Students

Bring one or more student along for just $20 per adult or $15 per youth...

CLICK HERE for more information on group lessons.


No Show / Late Lesson Cancelation Policy

The Landings Club understands that private lesson appointments cannot always be kept due to emergencies.  Cancelation 24 hours prior to the scheduled session in a non-emergency situation is in effect to help fill the spot with a wait-listed student during booked lesson times.  In the case where a scheduled time is repeatedly missed without notice or a student simply does not show after a previous reminder and without sufficient time to fill the spot, the student in a series may have a lesson deducted from a series or charged to the account.


Working with Nicole Weller

Note that while ‘quick-fix’ one-off lesson can provide temporary relief, if one is serious about improving, a coaching and training program (like any advancing athlete or expert at a craft / profession) is most appropriate. These are based scientifically on the length of time it takes for a human motor skill to actually be learned - it takes time to develop and hold those fundamentals more in place!  

Head Teacher Professional Nicole Weller 's attention is focused mostly in coaching essential PLAYING skills, effective practice and learning aspects of improvement... essentially more than just a swing mechanic or motion.  Through her master's degree background in sport psychology and her certification in Spirit of Golf, she helps golfers explore how to lower their scores while they work on (not just) mechanics and technique through prescribed drills but also the mental and emotional aspects of the game.  Nicole incorporates a lot of training tool feedback and is also TPI certified and sees how a body's capabilitis or limitations contribute to the desired (or undesired) motion. Nicole also very much enjoys working with youngsters ages 2-5 - give the gift of golf to your child or grandchild!


Nicole typically instructs 45-minute sessions (as well as 1.5 hour for longer skills work/practice and on-course).  Contact Golf Ops Admin Assistant Gina Hunt to book a session or school through Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com or Nicole Saturdays/Sundays. Members may also use Uschedule to schedule themselves (with current password or create a new username/password).  Nicole strives to respond within 1 business day (Tuesday-Saturday) and will directly schedule course sessions after checking course availability.


Private Lesson Rates for Golf Instruction at TLC



60 / 45 / 30 Minute Session


60 / 45 / 30 Minute Session

Head Teaching Professional


$105 / $80 / $54

$85 / $63 / $45

Head Golf Professionals

(Ty, Mike, Brian, Brad)

Teaching Professional


Director of Golf


$90 / $68 / $46 $80 / $58 / $40

PGA Assistant Professionals

$84 / $64 / $43

$74 / $54 / $37

PGA Apprentice Professionals

$78 / $59 / $40

$68 / $49 / $34