Practice with a Purpose




This page contains information below on both

Practice with a Purpose and Practice & Play Series with Nicole.


Practice with a Purpose

Come join Nicole to Practice with a Purpose!  Practice with feedback and supervision, use various training tools and drills to assist with the learning process and get moved around in the best manner (i.e. interleaving practice) for learning retention.  It's like having a Personal Trainer.. you'll get as good as you practice - start giving your game attention today!


Class Fee: $35

$120 Practice Package Rate if committing to 4 practices/month (does not carry over if not used and runs one month from the first practice date (i.e. 2/19-3/19 or 4/2-5/2)


Days & Times** (***see schedule below for adjustments and actual days/times):

Busy Season (March-May, Sept-Nov): Three times/week every other week following approximate rotations Tu / Wed / Sat or Thurs / Fri / Sat unless otherwise noted due to scheduling conflicts. 

Off-Season (Dec-Feb, June-Aug): Twice/week



Tuesdays (3:15-4:00)

Wednesdays (11:15am-Noon)

Thursdays (3:15-4:00)

Fridays (11:15am-Noon)

Saturdays (Varies but usually around late morning... 11:15 is the main time when possible)


Class Size

1-4 students*

*If 0 students are signed up by the previous day at NOON and there is a wait-listed student on the list for a private lesson, the practice will be canceled due to the lower student- teacher ratio.


Site:  Deer Creek back range

Open to:  All Landings Club members and their guests

Registration Required for Practice:  Contact Golf Ops Admin Assistant Gina Hunt to book a session or school (Gina's hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com or Nicole Saturdays/Sundays).   Member can also use Uschedule to schedule themselves (with current password or craete a new username/password). 



January 2019

Week 1: Th 1/3, Sat 1/5

Week 2: Tu 1/8, Sat 1/12 (2:45pm)

Week 3:Fri 1/18, Sat 1/19 (10:45am)

Week 4: PGA Show, only Sat 1/26

Week 5: Wed 1/30, Sat 2/2


Week 1: Th 2/7, Sat 2/9

Week 2: Fri 2/15 (3:30pm), Sat 2/16 (10:45am)

Week 3: Fri 2/22, Sat 2/23 (9:15am)

Week 4: Wed 2/27, Sat 3/2 (10:15am)


Week 1: Th 3/7, Fri 3/8, Sat 3/9

Week 2: Tu 3/12, Wed 3/13, Sat 3/16

Week 3: Th 3/21, Fri 3/22, Sat 3/23 (10:45am)

Week 4: Tu 3/26, Fri 3/29


Week 1: Th 4/4, Fri 4/5

Week 2: Th 4/11, Fri 4/12, Sat 4/13(4:30pm due to Meet Kate & Dad Andrew from Drive Chip & Putt Experience at Oakridge 1-2pm... come say hi to Kate!)

Week 3: Tu 4/16, Wed 4/17, Sat 4/20 (9:15am)

Week 4: Th 4/26, Fri 4/27 (2:30pm), Sat 4/28 (11:45am)


Week 1: Tu 4/30, Wed 5/1, Sat 5/4

Week 2: Th 5/9, Fri 5/10, Sat 5/11 (11:30am)

Week 3: Tu 5/14, Fri 5/24, Sat 5/25 (9:00am)

Week 4: Tu 5/28, Wed 5/29, Sat 6/1 (tentative, schedule still uncertain for 6/1)


Week 1 No Practices - Off Week

Week 2 Thurs, 6/13, Sat 6/15

Week 3: Fri 6/21, Sat 6/23 (11:30am)

Week 4: Tu 6/25, Sat 6/29


Week 1: Wed 7/3, Sat 7/6

Week 2: Fri 7/12 (8:45am), Sat 7/13 (11:30am)

Week 3: Wed 7/17, Sat 7/20

Week 4: Th 7/25 (8:45am), Sat 7/27


Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

Week 4: 

​Week 5: 


Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3:  

Week 4: 


Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

Week 4: 


Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

Week 4: 


Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

Week 4: 



This very special package offers golfers 3 months of practice and play with Nicole. Not only can students practice under Supervision but will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn new strategies and tips while teeing it up with Nicole for several holes.  Course ideas can then be focused on during Practice with a Purpose sessions. 

Twelve sessions including 10 Practice with a Purpose Sessions and two private one-hour sessions for $520!  Contact Nicole Weller at 912-695-5211 or nicole.weller@landingsclub.com to register for the initial session or with questions.  For effectiveness, all 12 sessions must be used within a 3-month consecutive period of time.  Contact Nicole Weller to register for the practice sessions after the initial session.

Have fun playing with the Pro and practice to lower your score while increasing your Game Enjoyment!