Skill Practices




Come join Nicole to practice with a purpose!  Practice with feedback and supervision, use various training tools and drills to assist with the learning process and get moved around in the best manner (i.e. interleaving practice) for learning retention.  It's like having a Personal Trainer.. you'll get as good as you practice - start giving your game attention today!


Class Fee: Based on the Lesson Share Rates, pricing varies on number of people and desired time.

  30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
2 people $37 each $50 each $63
3 people $31 each $40 each $48
4 people $29 each $35 each $41


Days & Times

Currently due to low participation on pre-set dates, Nicole will create a small series for 2-4 people/golf groups based on schedule.  


Class Size

2-4 students

Site:  Deer Creek back range

Open to:  All Landings Club members and their guests

Registration Required for Practice:  Contact Nicole Weller to create a group or notify of interest in practicing.  912-695-5211 / nicole.weller@landingsclub.com