Golf for ages 2-3!


Imagine a pre-school environment for young children ages 2-3 to learn about life and now add Golf as the learning vehicle.  While other sports offer introductions into their worlds, golf has typically not offered that for youngsters ages 2-3.  We believe it's time! 

Our activities are child-based for ages 2-3, not adult-based.  Adults tend to focus on results and proper technique, which we do not follow for this age group.  Youngsters ages 2-3 do not have the cognitive capacities to learn like an adult, so we use observation (not verbal), near-golf experiences and open-exploration to enjoy the main concepts. 

Our golf portion focuses on all aspects of the games with fun challenges in each area of putting, short game, swing, sportsmanship, etiquette, rules and knowledge and healthy nutrition, instruction, skills sessions and games and on-course time.  We incorporate fitness, inter-personal skills, intra-personal skills, near-golf experiences, art and music.



These classes can be created and scheduled for a private group of friends or schoolmates.  CLICK HERE to see information for an individual or semi-private group session.


Fall 2019 Dates/Times/Locations for After-School Group Programming:

TUESDAYS or THURSDAYS:  Deer Creek Back Range (opposite club house on Shellwind Drive)

Ages 2-3 half hour sessions:

Tuesdays 9/3-10/22 plus make-up 10/29... 4:30-5:00pm

Thursdays 9/5-10/24 plus make-up 11/7... 4:30-5:00pm


Class Ratio Size:  6 students with 1 adult helping per child

Staff:  Nicole Weller

Register: Contact Golf Ops Admin Assistant Gina Hunt to book a session or school through Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com or Nicole Saturdays/Sundays.   Member can also use Uschedule to schedule themselves (with current password or create a new username/password).  

Open to: All Landings Club Members and their guests.

Minimum Class Size:  4 students at the advertised price per age group

Cost:  $125 for all 8 classes, a make-up if any class missed


Class Policies: The season class fee will not be charged upon cancelation if prior to the 3 day deadline before class begins. On the (first) day of the class, refunds will be available for emergency medical reasons only. Staffing will be assigned based on the number of sign-ups at the 3-day deadline. Refunds will not be available to participants who voluntarily leave the class, forget to attend, excused for disciplinary reasons or opt to withdraw from the class due to weather if the event is still being held and has not been rescheduled. Every efforts will be made to fill the spot with a wait-listed student, in which case the original class cost will be refunded to the participant who withdrew.