Learn to play Golf!


 Would you like to learn how to play golf an have little or no experience?  Landings Club members can take an LPGA Golf 101 class all in one day at The Landings Club with other women interested in learning more about the game and the new ways people are starting out in golf with... easy guidelines, less rule-oriented play, fun team formats, easy skill-learning with fun training tools and a relaxing and non-embarrassing way to learn about the skills and game concepts.

The LPGA Women's Golf 101 programs take you through every step of a basic introduction into the game.  Our caring and encouraging staff will walk you through basic skills, new golfer questions and how-to's, terminology, etiquette, new golfer modified play formats, on-course experience and much more in a safe and friendly setting.  You'll learn all the essentials you need to know at this stage and finish the program feeling like you can already play golf at the most basic level!


Student Testimonial: 

Hi Nicole! I played 9 holes on Marshwood with my hubby today from the Skidaway tees, and although I have mainly a ground game going on right now, I kept it straight down the fairway! I had a par at hole 7, with a beautiful pitch right onto the green from the rough. So fun!.  Thanks for teaching me how to have fun with it. My hubs was impressed. I shot a 52 for my very first time out. I’ll take it! But best of all, I had a blast.  Your class really made a difference. I learned to take the first steps and enjoy it instead of biting off more than I could chew, and then hating it and quitting. My husband said he was really surprised by me today, and that felt really great. I took time to really enjoy the great moments, and laughed at the duds. That was a great take away from your class. 😉

One-Day Group School: 

Location: Deer Creek back range on Shellwind Drive unless otherwise noted

Staff:  Nicole Weller & Golf Staff

Dates 2018

Thurs 6/14

Fri 9/7

(Need other dates? See our PGA Get Golf Ready classes open to men, women and couples on THIS LINK)

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Class Size & Cost: 4-8 students $195 / person  (or $325 / person if below minimum at 2-3 people)

Open to:  All Landings Club membership levels and their guests

Includes: Price includes lunch, all equipment, course play, range equipment, manual, handouts, challenge prizes, instruction and more

How to register:  Contact Golf Ops Admin Assistant Gina Hunt to book a session or school through Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com or Nicole Saturdays/Sundays.   Member can also use Uschedule to schedule themselves (with current password or create a new username/password).  


Individual Private-Series Program:

This individual version is designed for those who can't attend a group program due to scheduling but would like to begin learning how to play golf.  Each visit is 1.5 hours and can be for an individual or even with a friend to share cost.

Visit #1

Putting, Chipping & Longer Shots with modified beginner equipment

Visit #2

Golf Terms, Traditional Equipment, Putting, Chipping, It's OK Guidelines, Pace of Play, Scorecards

Visit #3

Pitching, Driving, Course Tour & 1 Hole Course Play, Rules

Visit #4

Course Play, Beginner Permit, Modified Play Formats & What's Next

The Individual program will be charged to the member’s account as a gift card at the first session from which each session will thereafter be deducted as the lesson is taken. 

The Private Series Package is $525 for all 4 sessions at 6 hours total. Sessions can be conducted all in one week or over several weeks pending on scheduling availability.  To bring a friend, the cost is just an extra $20/session and the overall cost will then be split between the two participants!

Price includes all equipment, loaner clubs (better to be sized and fitted instead of buying the wrong clubs!), program manual, on-course experience and more. 

Contact Golf Ops Admin Assistant Gina Hunt to book Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com or Nicole Saturdays/Sundays.