Youth, Tiny Tot & Teeny Tiny Tot.....  Golf Lessons & Series

Youth, Tiny Tot and Teeny Tiny Tot Golfers can arrange private lessons with a Golf Instructor according to their schedules and learn either individually or with friends in a group.  The instructor will piece together a customized program for the group based on ability and age.  Loaner equipment, potential SNAG GOLF, Birdie Ball and ParKit/US Kids Golf Game activities, handouts and skills challenge prizes included.   Each session involves both golf skills and movement skill activities that help develop juniors athletically.  Contact Nicole Weller or another Landings Golf Professional about setting up lessons at a convenient time that works for both the student and the instructor. 

Open to: All Landings Club members and their guests.


Ages 2-3 (Teeny Tiny Tots) 

Advance through very basic golf and safety games, golf athletic activities, SNAG / SHORT golf and a wonderful introduction to the game and its movement.  The Littlest Golfer First Set clubs are used for these sessions, which are usually 30 minutes in length (instructor will see how the attention span endures, might just be 15 minutes)... trips to the golf course to rake bunkers with scaled rakes, oversized kick balls and pit balls, easy-to-tee teeing devices, visits the golf ball washer, look at animals on the golf course, repair divots and find the hole and flagstick can be a part of this adventure and work in well with a 45-minute session!  One adult per child is requested to be at the session following prompts from the instructor.  Reminder, this is not adult-style golf... very basic and very fun toddler activities that help inspire an introduction to golf!


Ages 4-5 (Tiny Tots)

Advance through various golf skills and challenges, golf athletic activities, rules/manners/safety, SNAG/SHORT Golf, Birdie Ball, US Kids Golf Games, golf rhymes, Stick to Sports golf sticker/point reward activities and Match Play Flashcard Memory Game and much more!  Sessions are 45 minutes in length depending on attention span, weather and interest.  US Kids Golf Clubs are used for this age group and the instructor will need the child's height and if righty/lefty the day before to prepare equipment.  One adult per child might be asked to stay nearby either at the table or closer pending on the child's comfort in working wiht the instructor.  Adults will be asked to follow prompts and match given instructions by the instructor.  Reminder, this is not adult-style golf... very basic and very fun youngster activities that help inspire an introduction or pathway into golf in not just physical golf skills but the social, emotional, cognitive and creative artistic aspects that help mod a well-rounded person! 


Ages 6-17 (Youth)

Advance through various golf in more detail with putting, short game, sand, swing, on-course play and strategy, good practice habits and games, club fitting, life skills, Birdie Ball and more.   Video and technology might be used pending on what the instructor deems helpful.  Sessions with Nicole Weller are either typically 45 minutes or can be 60 minutes for an intermediate/advanced youth golfer.


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