Golf Talk:  A Complimentary Professional Demonstration for Members & Guests


The Landings Professional Golf Staff is proud to host complimentary GOLF TALK exhibitions for Landings members and their guests.  Instructors will provide tips and demonstrations on various golf skills as members watch, enjoy and ask questions.  Participants also receive take-home notes highlighting the event's tips. 



2017 Fall Event:

Saturday, October 28 (3-4pm)

Topic: Hills and Valleys: Hillside Lie Key Pointers for Most Golf Lies

Pros: Nicole Weller and the Landings Club Golf Professional Staff

‚ÄčTopic: Will use the new ToughLies 360 rotating hillside lie tool during the half hour demonstration followed by a chance for members to try all 4 lies and get free 2-Minute Tips from the pros on their hillside lie practice

Site: Deer Creek Front Range

No registration needed, just show up!

Open to:  All Landings Club members and their guests.