Putt with Confidence

Erik Kutz: TLC Teaching Professional and Club Technician


How do you feel walking off the putting green?  Great putting begins with Confidence and we can help you find ways to gain that Confidence you are after!  When Putting lacks confidence,golfers tend to be more tense and indecisive, leading to missed putts.  The Putting Assessment provides measurable statistics that combined with Erik's drills, will help towards more Confidence and the better Putting you know you have in you!


Week 1: Putting Assessment - Short Game Confidence

Week 2: Alignment and Visualization

Week 3: Never 3-Putt again!

Week 4: Putting Challenge & Re-Assessment


Class Information:

Location: Oakridge practice facility

Class Size: 3 minimum - 6 maximum at offered price (if less than 3 students, class will be adjusted to half hour for the lower student:teacher ratio)

Cost: $120

2019 Fall Dates & Times: Thursdays 2-3pm, 10/3-24 or 10/31-11/21

Open to: All Landings Club members

Register: Contact Erik Kutz at 912-598-3572.