BTT Workout (Balance, Tempo & Tension Awareness for Better Golf)


Explore how Tempo, In-Swing Balance and Tension Awareness rule your golf motions and how to better use them towards successful golf.  Any golfer can have great mechanics but they'll perform less than expected when any of the BTT's break down.  Find out how to monitor and adjust them before a round or during a round for smoother motions and lower scores!


Location: Deer Creek back range on Shellwind Drive unless otherwise noted

Staff:  Nicole Weller

Dates & Times*:  Sat 6/22 8:45-11:15am or Fri 9/13 1:30-4pm.  More TBA based on initial participation.

*Nicole will also customize a series of three 45 minute sessions for those unable to attend a class but would like to space out this session across three different days.


Group Class Size & Cost:

     2-3 Students: $155 with 1 Pro 

     4-6 students: $95 with 1 Pro

Individual Session Cost:

     45 minute rate ($80) and $20/person for anyone on top of the single rate. Small group can then split.


Open to:  All Landings Club membership levels and their guests, New Neighbors, New Members, Discovery Package sales guests and all membership levels.

Includes: Use of Tour Tempo app, Use of Vision54 Play Cards, Handouts on Balance-Tempo-Tension Awareness, Supervised Exploration and Practice in long game, short game and putting bsaed on needs.

Register: Contact Gina Hunt at Golf Ops (912-598-3551 or gina.hunt@landingsclub.com)