Landings Club Members and Sponsored Guests

Golf Instruction and Youth Programming


 Adult Program Ability Code
BRed Letter B = Beginner, 30+ Handicap Golfers, Newer Golfer with No Handicap
IBlue Letter I = Intermediate, Played some Golf, Novice-Intermediate, High Teen-20's Handicap, Refresher
AOrange Letter A = Advancing Golfer with Handicaps Mid-Teen and Lower


 Staff and Club Information
 Golf Professional Staff Directory
 Landings Club Web Site


 Private Instruction, Packages and Policies
B I APrivate Instruction, Packages and Policies
B I ALesson Share and Member Corporate Golf Clinics


Beginner Golf Programs and Play

B I The PATHWAY TO GOLF at The Landings Club   (Our Flagship Program to Learn Golf)
B I Launch into Golf Clinic & Play League
BPGA Family Level 1 Tee Locations (all 6 courses)


Practices, Clinics and Skills Challenges

B I AWeekly 'Practice with a Purpose' Packages with Nicole Weller
   I AWeekly Course Clinics


Golf Schools and Workshops

   I APlay, Coach & Train Long-Term Game Advancement with Nicole Weller
B I AFour Short Game & Wedge Fitting Schools
   I ASpring Training & Fall Refresher Schools
    I A'Head Pro Plus Nicole' Clinic & Play Workshops
   I  Breaking 100: Entering the Double Digit Zone
   I ABreaking 90: Breaking Bogey Golf
   I APutt with Confidence
   I A9-Hole Game Changer Course Session with Nicole Weller


Guest Speakers

 Past Guest Speaker List
Please check back for future guest coaches and educators!


Complimentary Events

B I AGolf Talk (Spring & Fall Pro Demonstrations)
B I ASpring Putting and Short Game Fair


Golf Fitness

   I APERFORMANCE GOLF - Targeted Golf-Fitness Game Enhancement


 Youth Program Ability Code
BRed Letter B = Beginner
 I Blue Letter I = Played some Golf, Novice-Intermediate, Plays Golf in Some Events
AOrange Letter A = Advancing Golfer competing in tournaments and events


Youth Summer Programming

 Youth Golf FAQ Page
B I ASummer Camps, Last Chance Camp & Advanced Camp
B I ASummer Clinics & Practices
B I AJuly 4th Golfzilla Station @ Firework Festivities
   I ADrive, Chip & Putt Qualifier to compete at Augusta National Golf Club!
B I AGirls Sports Day at The Landings Club


Youth Year-Round Programming

 Youth Golf FAQ Page
B I AYouth Spotlight-Golfer-of-the-Month
B I AGolf Lessons (ages 2 - 17, Individual or Private Group)
B I ALPGA*USGA Girls Golf at The Landings Club
B I 'Kids Club' After-School Programs (Divisions for ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-9 and Intermediate 10-to-Teen)
     AYouth Coach & Train Academy (Advancing golf members with requirements)
B I A'Climb the Ladder' Youth Golf Progression Levels
B I U.S. Kids Golf / PGA Family Level 1 Tee Locations (all 6 courses)


Youth Tournaments

   I AAnnual Youth Club Championship
   I AThe Two-Kid Kontest
   I APGA Junior League Teams
   I AThe Tall and The Small Tournaments
   I AYouth Golf Spring & Fall Leagues


Youth Holiday / Special Events

   I AYouth Golf Sportsmanship Award
B I Holiday Golf Camps (ages 2-17 Easter / Thanksgiving / Christmas-Hanukkah / New Year's Practices)
   I ANew Year's Week Teen Tech Time Challenge
B I AYouth & Family Golf Spring Kick-Off
B I AYear-End December Golf Bash
B I AHaunted Halloween Putting Challenge and Shark Shoot-Out!
B I ASavannah Girls Golf Day
B I  Golf Birthday Parties

The Landings Club is a private membership club.  In order to apply for membership, prospective members must be sponsored by a current Club Member and are subject to approval and availability.