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The Landings Club is please to announce the Fall 2019 launch of brand new KMotion technology for member and sponsored guest golf swing coaching and practice.  This state-of-the-art technology allows certified coaches to help students more quickly identify unwanted swing characteristics through data acquired through sensors, very much like an MRI of one's swing movement.  The new Evaluation report, biofeedback training opportunities and individudal swing Measures for long game or short game help a coach and student more quickly identify improvement areas.


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Just had an amazing first lesson with the Kvest.  Got immediate feedback and made adjustments in posture and backswing.  Combining cutting edge technology with first a class instructor, Nicole; looking forward to more.   Scheduled another Kvest lesson for next week!  P.S. Drove the ball really well, beat my friend again ;)”  (Adult male physician, plays several times/month, scores in 90’s)

In the first lesson we were able to discover that I could not move my pelvis fully into the full range of posterior pelvic tilt---a limitation of my body that we were not aware of before.  So, we made a reasonable goal for improvement that I was able to achieve.  It also showed me that I had not been moving that joint far enough (as far as I could) even though I had been working on it for some time.  With feedback from the K-vest I was able to improve significantly from where I was. When I attended a second session, the feedback I got was that my pelvis was still where I left off from the last session.  In the second session, we focused on my posture at address.  Not only was my posture off, I had been side bending too much during the swing.  The numbers along with the video of what my body was doing was easy to understand and see, especially when shown in combination.  After the practice session led by K-vest I was able to find the correct posture (as confirmed by the dinging computer) pretty consistently.   And, improving that improved my trunk side bend as well.  And then, finally, the swing to hit the ball resulted in an amazing ball flight that was effortless.  WOW!  This is the moment that I really thought K-vest has so much potential.  I was so excited by the results and new feel of hitting the golf ball that I wanted to play again---and soon.  I went out in the late afternoon after my lesson earlier that day to play 9 holes.  I hit the ball extremely well.  Only missing my target in 3-4 shots and shot a 2 over par.  My index will go to the lowest it has ever been on the 15th of this month.” (Adult female, single digit handicapper)

K-Coach has been a tremendous tool in helping me feel the correct (and very different!) position my hips need to be in at impact. The auditory feedback from the system confirms when I have swung the club properly. Better yet, the K-Player provides me the ability to practice my drills between lessons and know that I am moving my hips correctly!” (Adult male, low handicapper)

A terrific tool that has helped me to better understand movements to create a better swing and more efficient use of the body.  It's so helpful to have clear immediate and quantifiable information that the K Vest provides.” (Adult male, scores in the 80’s, huge potential with 3-step plan over the year, wanted to come back later in day for another session after morning one!)

Thoroughly enjoyed my first session with the vest today. It was fascinating to see the movement quantified, and to see how Nicole analyzed the numbers. A posture issue was identified right away and we were able to work on it and get immediate, actionable visual feedback. “ (Late sixties female, 32 handicap)

"My handicap has varied between 9 and 16 over the past several years. My scores vary between the upper 70s and upper 80s. My alignment and posture seemed to vary from swing to swing leading to my inconsistencies in scoring.  I've been working with K-Coach & Eric Kutz for the past 5 weeks and have used the K-Player by myself on several occasions. I now have a consistent setup and posture and a much better understanding of where my body is during address and where it needs to be. The ability to see my positions using the k-vest has been very helpful.  I expect my swing to be much more consistent. I did shoot my best nine ever since using K-VEST... 32 on Oakridge front nine!" (Adult male golfer) 

I've used the KPlayer over the past couple of weeks and it has definitely helped me hit the golf ball cleaner! I've seen a positive change in my ball striking and it's facilitated my understanding of the importance of proper posture in addressing the ball and technique of correct body angles at impact when striking the ball. The KPlayer is an invaluable tool to assist and benefit a lot of golfers!  (Adult female L9GA Golfer)


Rates and Packages:

Our KVest technology will be one of our learning tools used during a regular lesson at the standard lesson rate, like video or other technology.  A student can take a single session or sign up for a regular series package upfront at 6 for the price of 5 (goes on a gift card and the Professional swipes off each time).

KPlayer Practice Rental:  $35 (45 minutes) once trained and approved to book online for the rental.


Which Golf Professionals are authorized and certified KVest professionals?

Nicole Weller (DC), Erik Kutz (OR, Vinny Diroff (MW) and Mike McNutt (MW)


Launch Events:


LMGA KVest Demo & Mingle - Wednesday, October 9, PL Azalea Room 6:45-7:45pm. Sign up through LMGA.


L9GA KVest Lunch Demo - Thursday, October 10, PL Azalea Room 12-1:15pm.  Sign up through L9GA.


Saturday, October 12... FREE 'KVest Tests'  Deer Creek back range, 9:30-11:30am half hour free evaluations.  Members must reserve their time through Gina Hunt 912-598-3551. There will be multiple pros offering free KVest Tests during this time including KVest rep Ryan Petty, Nicole Weller and 1-2 other TBA pros.


Saturday, October 12... Personal KVest Evaluations & Training Sessions at $99 Launch Special.  Deer Creek back range, 1-3pm one-hour special price $99 evaluations.  Members must reserve their time via Gina Hunt 912-598-3551. There will be multiple pros offering Personal Evaluation & Training Sessions during this time including KVest rep Ryan Petty, Nicole Weller and Erik Kutz.


Friday, October 18... LAUNCH DEMO #2 - Here We Go KMotion!!  Plantation Library, 6:15-7:15pm Introduction, KMotion Technology Demo, Lesson and Package Information, Mingle.  


LWGA KVest Demo - Tuesday, December 10 during LWGA Luncheon