'Climb the Ladder' Youth Golf Progression Levels

Youngsters at The Landings Club will have the chance the progress through golf learning levels that are defined by specific tasks and assessments.  Similar to earning various belt colors in martial arts, participants will be started by a golf professional at specific level and can practice, visit for lessons and participate in activities to earn their way to the next level.

We have incorporated concepts and give credit to some great youth golf programs to include U.S. Kids Golf, PGA Sports Academy, Positive Coaching Alliance, The Littlest Golfer and beliefs from our local golf professionals in what should be achieved at each level.

Earn colored stripes for passing each level on golf bag kickstand (or bag tag if needed)


The program includes:

• A golf bag band recognition displaying the current level achieved

• Mention in Club announcements and TWATL

Open to:  All Landings Club members ages 2-17

Cost:  There is no cost to enter into the program other than expenses occured for instruction, US Kids Golf/PGA Sports Academy/Stick to Sports Books or for select programs

What is the best way to go through the program?  Working with an instructor or coach in private sessions or small group sessions for assessments, training and guidance is one of the best ways to get started.  Some students may move through a level more rapidly than others.  Students may be in a program together but be at different levels on the Climb the Ladder program while working on their own goals.   As a reminder, the Club offers packages at 6 Lessons for the Price of 5, as well as small group discount rates.  Click here for an example of a small group rate (based on Nicole Weller's rates) and click here for information on hourly rates of all instructors.


How does one test into the next level?  A youngster will need to schedule a session time with a golf professional to pass his or her test.


What is earned at each level?  Parcticipants earn their 'stripe' that is place on their golf bag's kickstand (see photo above).  If a participant earns a bonus stripe / bar, he or she earns that color again (could have 2 or 3 stripes in a row of a certain color before next color).  If a participant doesn't have a kick stand bag, he or she will receive a bag tag upon which to place the stripes.


What does Gold, Silver and Bronze levels indicate?  A participant must pass a level with a Gold fitness level achievement and may continue testing until he or she advances from bronze to silver to gold. 


What is expected at each level?